Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I can get a little closer to the building now, but I have to be careful. Being seen again would be a bad idea.

A few days ago a man approached me and told me to leave the property of the facility and not come back. I did leave, but I’ve come back a few more times. But I’ve gotten more clever at hiding. I can’t stay away. Every time I go I see someone I haven’t seen before, and I see her again. I’ve figured out their pattern, when the come and go, and there are these bells.

I know I sound crazy and I’m rambling. But this facility is taking over my every waking thought, and when I can get to sleep it’s all I dream about. I even tried writing the other day but all my words turned into…well, I just kept talking about her over and over. Her hair, her skin that looks soft, but worn. And her face. It’s all I can take to not get closer to the window.

I’ve been drawing everyone I see and the weird things I see around them. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, or tricks of nature. I hardly sleep so I feel like my sight is betraying me.

  1. roryhorty77 says:

    it sounds like you just shouldn’t go there anymore. I know you want to find the truth but this sounds too dangerous.

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